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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Savannah, GA

Heading south... right when we were getting used to being in the "south", we came into Georgia... it was hot, and humid. We had been loving the cool fall breezes, especially at night... when we crossed the bridge into Savannah, I think we had already started to swell and had icecream on our mind!!

Savannah is the largest and oldest city in Georgia, it is on the coastline right across the Savannah river. We stopped at Forsyth park, where the live oaks are covered with Spanish moss and the police ride on horseback. We had never seen Spanish moss before, it was amazing... it draped across all the trees throughout the whole city and I surely looked like a tourist taking pictures of it.
Savannah was designed in squares, with wells at the center of each square. They have kept the original design and put fountains where the wells used to be. This fountain in Forsyth park is one of the more popular ones (its on a lot of postcards.)

We were also quite amused by the Spanish moss, until a nice passerby told us the moss usually carries mites...


During the Revolutionary war, Savannah was held by the Brittish. During the Civil war it was under the confederacy. The above monument is a memorial for confederate soldiers.

We were surprised by all the butterflies roaming the park!! Evidence of the tropical climate, for sure. We were also intrigued by the wealthy display of architecture, below is one of the many houses you can find along the historical district.

Adios, Savannah!!
some facts about Georgia:
named after King George II of England
Nickname: Empire state of the South
State tree: live oak
Capital: Atlanta (also home of Martin Luther King Jr.)
4th state admitted to the Union


asl4god said...

That's actually where I grew up!!! Lots of history there, for sure. Patty was fascinated by the walls and windows of the buildings on River Street that still held the bullets from the wars. Did you guys get a chance to see any of the forts? Fort Pulaski is a great one to see.

Anonymous said...

Now you're in my neck of the woods. Do you know where Soganofla is?

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Shayna with the Spanish Mosss in her hair. But looking at it makes my head itch. They always told us there were chiggers in it, so we stayed away from it. Though my mom does put it in pots around her houseplants.

Uncle Ronnie said...

I heard that you can publish a book from pictures and entries of a blog. If you consider doing that, I would like a copy for my library! That would be some book, or series of books! UR