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Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I've learned about Fall... by Cheryl

Happy Monday friends!!
Before I show you some of our amazing fall pics from the weekend, I want to take you through my little lesson about fall. First of all, we've been traveling from the North so we keep seeing fall start over. In all these environments: New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina- I keep re-learning to appreciate the subtle yet magnificent changes that take place over time.

I learned to appreciate the colour waking up along my commute as I drove to work, and the sunrays shining through in the morning, or the moonlight at night.
But I think the best thing about fall for me has not really been the color, its been the chance to experience it with my kids. Shayna and Josiah have both learned to ride a bike on this trip...and these camp grounds all have lovely little bike paths. I love blazing over bridges with them,
and having the leaves crunch under our wheels.
Now we made up for all these subtleties with a road trip for you last weekend... I have more pics than you might care to see, and I'll post them all, baby! Once we get my blasted little picture reader working on my computer. Til soon. -C

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unpredictable said...

I love your blog and I especially love this post.... autumn is my favorite season and your pictures are beautiful. We should be on the road sometime within the next 6 months and we cant wait.... reading blogs like yours keeps me excited about our departure. :) Happy blogging & god bless.