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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Puffkins likes Chocolate!- by Shayna (and Puffkins)

Puffkins visited Hershey's chocolate world with us. Mr. Hershey was a chocolate manufacturer and founded the entire town so his workers could live here. He made a theme park and a whole bunch of money... when he was alive, milk chocolate was a delicacy (very very fancy treat that only rich people eat.) He was the first person to mass produce it and make yummy chocolate available to common people like Puffkins.

All the street lights are Hershey's kisses, some of them are wrapped with silver and some of them are just brown. (they look better silver, in my opionion.... but they taste better brown!)

There were a lot of things to do at Hershey's Chocolate World. There was a museum, a free tour ride, and big rooms filled with chocolate!

Puffkins and his friend Spaghetti took us on the free tour ride. But first we went all the way to South America and visited a Cocoa plantation.

Cocoa comes from these football-like nuts with white slimy beans inside of them. The beans turn brown when they are dried. Then they are shipped to Pennsylvania, where big metal things crack them open, grind them up and make it into chocolate liquor (with no adult drink in it, its just called liquor.)
The chocolate liquor gets mixed up and dried, making cocoa powder. Then its mixed with milk, sugar and cocoa butter. These pink fluffy cows kept singing catchy songs about milk.... apparently they thought that milk was the key ingredient in making Hershey's milk chocolate.

(Puffkins says it really is the cocoa bean, cuz without that, it would just be milk!!)
All these giant chocolates apparently don't know that Puffkins and I are about to eat them.

Milton Hershey used his money to build a school for orphaned boys. Later it became a school for all kids who need a good school, and it still open today.

Puffkins now looks even more like a brown marshmallow, he ate too much chocolate!!


Jarren and Erin said...

It's funny... before we started our trip, we were really looking forward to Hershey, PA. But after the "factory tour" we were actually disappointed - we wanted to see real chocolate being made! And I forgot out that milk song until you said that... now I think it's stuck in my head again. :) I might have to start singing "It's a Small World" just to get it out of my head... oh no, now I have THAT in my head!

Sabbatical, Phase 3- on the road! said...

"Its the milk chocolate- yeah yeah yeah..." We were similarly dissapointed, we thought at least the wrapping might be real? (not) anyway, for a real chocolate tour you should go to Theo's Chocolate in Seattle... Fremont area. Free samples!!" -Shayna

Uncle Ronnie said...

I was going to ask how much more each of you weighed after the tour, but apparently the recession has hit all of the states.
I enjoyed your report of the Hershey History. Good job, and from what I read, thank you for not including the cow song for our listening torture! Miss you, Shayna. Hope your voyage across America is awesome! -Uncle Ronnie

Anonymous said...

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