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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arrived GU, pah!!

Hello friends!! I arrived safely to GU yesterday after a long day of airline travel... but alas, it was only one day!! Sure beats the five day version in the car (though we certainly miss our friends and the sights)!!

My arrival at Gally is like one big sigh of relief.. whether it is that I know I am where I'm supposed to be, or the bright big east coast sun (I swear it is closer here), or all the Deaf life that I crave.... it is nice to be "back home". Gally has changed even in one year!! I'll update photos soon... now I must be off to the conference. Thanks to all for the prayers and support... pray for Greg, bringing out the crew solo on Friday!! And trying to clean up the mess I left at the house!! HUGS

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