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Monday, June 23, 2008

National Treasure extra

OH yeah!! The National Treasure thing. Turns out, the movie crew did actually film here at Independence Hall, even though it is a new bell up in the tower. We talked to one of the security workers, who said they did part of the filming here and part on a replica built somewhere in California. He said some of the shots were hard becuase "they don't close down tours for anything, even Hollywood" so apparently during the movie tourists were getting tours of the hall, and our security friend was right there watching.

That would be different than the National Archives building in DC... you know the part, where they have this cool underground security for the Declaration of Independence? Thats all balogny and they never even went inside the building to film. Just got the outside!! Also, apparently all the original working drafts of the Declaration are right here in Philadelphia. Only the signed one is in DC (which made it legal.)
The bell rang for us at 6:pm, signifying... we missed the last official tour. Oh Tina, check out these hydrangeas in Philly. They're all over the place and we thought of you!! HUGS


tina said...

oh i was hoping you were thinking of me when i saw this photo...before i read the script. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I will have to get a copy of this so i can frame it and have you around.

tina said...

what happened to the KINGS hair?? i soo loved it long. You must grow it out again okay? im a sucker for a guy in long hair ya know. (:

Kalers said...

Oh, I know, I like it long too. I was gonna do a blog about it later, He was determined to have the new summer cut. (I tried to talk him out of it!!) He actually got a new name sign outa the deal: spikey JO. I'll show ya pics of the name sign later!!