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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meet Gladys

Alas!! We have welcomed a new member to our family. Her name is Gladys (Glad-us). She already adds a new wonderful dimension to our travels. Here's what we love about her:

1) Unlike the rest of us, you can adjust her volume.
2) She remains totally neutral in temporary delays. All she says is "recalculating"
3) She can predict!
4) She always knows where we are. Except for tunnels and some tall builings in New York, she hasn't lost us yet.
5) She is almost as good as Cheryl at finding points of interest, such as Chic-fil-A's.
6) She was on sale at Target!! (We got lost trying to find the store, but hopefully its a commemorative last time...)

P.S. One thing Gladys doesn't do, she doesn't turn on the blinkers for you. We're in New York this weekend (tired and trying to catch up on blogs!!) and Greg thinks he's getting good... what with this being our third time, and Gladys at the helm... but as he was manuevering pedestrians and trying to follow her commands, a NY police guy in his Golf cart pulls up along side. "Hey! They let you drive in Virginia??" (we're in a rental car) We laugh. "Actually, we're from Washington!"
"Even worse!! Turn on your blinkers, man!!"

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