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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Juneteenth

Hello out there! greetings from Counseling conference at Gallaudet. Greg and kids arrived safely last night, they were so darn cute, doing about a half hour happy dance to be back on Gallaudet grounds. I love that my kids have a true spirit of adventure! They did about 30 laps on the dorm platform thing (balcony... no... ha! I am losing my English... anyway) they are so thrilled, and my colleagues greeted them with hugs, and JJ can code switch so quick to brag about his airplane gameboy score in sign, it blessed my heart. Then we opened all the packages I've been ordering on ebay (a story for later!) and it was like Christmas.

It's been great to be here, I have felt I "fit in real well" with the counselors... I think part of me was wondering how that would be, since I am making a transition and all. it is totally different from being an interpreter. Somewhat liberating. Speaking of liberating.....

Part of my program is in multi-cultural counseling, and I am continually humbled at how much I need to learn about being a white person in this world. Don't we just rarely even think about it? On Thursday here we celebrated "Juneteenth"... and I wasn't the only one in the crowd that was thankful the leader asked for more explanation. It is a holiday recognizing the emancipation of slavery in Texas.... a celebration that spread nationally as a second independence day for African Americans. About 39 states recognize it as a holiday, and I thought surely Washington isn't one of them... since I'd never heard of it. (It is.) Arnold Scwartzineger signed it for California in 2005. It should be on our calendars, however? for now we might have to write it in.... for more info check out http://www.juneteenth.com/history.htm

Meanwhile, the Kalers are hitting the road. We have one week to check out as much of the east coast/New England area as our heart desires... first stop, Philadelphia! Lord willing then the Mariners in New York, then Boston, Cape Cod, MV... can't miss Fenway..... it shall be a fun vicarious trip together!! As Mrs. Barber says with the kids all lined up in the hallway.. "and awaaaaaayyyyy .......we go!!"

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