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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Extra for Grease fans

Mom- remember we watched the Grease musical show on TV where we voted on the best leads for Broadway? Well before the Mets game, the cast was at Shea stadium and sang a couple songs. The male lead that won was there!! He's the last guy on the right. Here they are singing "Grease Lightning"
Oh, and one more comment about the Mets game. Don't ever let anyone talk down about New Yorkers. In the last inning, everyone was standing up and Josiah started to cry (real sweet and quiet like). He wouldn't tell me what was wrong at first, I thought huh? Did someone insult your happy dance? What is the matter??!! And he finally admitted it was because he couldn't see. So the Mets fan to our right stood him up on the poles and held him where he could have a good view. Bless their hearts!!!

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