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Monday, June 30, 2008

Boston, cont.

Right along side the Freedom trail is a Holocaust monument. It has the numbers of 6 million people who were killed, 6 glass towers going up, one million numbers on each. It was strategically placed at a place where Americans are contemplating the revolution and their own story of freedom...

Then we moved on to the "First public park" paid for by our very own taxes. (This was a celebration, rather than burden back then!! The taxes were not going to the King!!) The park was beautiful and we found two interesting monuments, I call the rest of this blog "a monument for everything..."
A monument of a Duck crossing. Seriously!! We learned about a famous book, author is from Boston, and maybe you've heard about it? We seem to be the only clueless ones. So I had to look it up:

The ducklings in the monument are in the very same poses. I need to read the book, but I guess some guy stopped traffic here. Other counselors seem to know all about it... it was even used as an illustration in an "allies for parents" workshop.
This next one though... not even the local Boston folk knew what is was about. It had on one panel "and there shall be no more tears..." (a quote from Revelation) so I thought is was about heaven? I thought maybe this was a Christlike figure up on top:
But no.... you'll never guess what this one if for!! No more tears!! It's honoring the Boston Memorial hospital... they did research... and now have a monumnet.. for creating ether.


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Anonymous said...

ahhh, the cheers bar. and the "make way for ducklings" book. perhaps you all haven't achieved "old fart" or "geezerdom" status yet. otherwise, you'd be wise to both monuments! ha! i'm enjoying your adventures. great blogging. have fun, you kalers, you! dana