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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Boston is an amazing town!! We barely scratched the surface but thanks to Jim, we got to see a whole lot and had a blast!! We explored part of the "Freedom Trail"- which we all kind of expected to see a dirt trail... but ha! Its a brick trail through the city that takes you to points of interest related to the Revolutionary War. We started off in the historical north end, checking out Paul Revere's house and hearing some less well known and controversial stories from the day. I love the streets!!

Here's Paul Revere's monument, right outside the church that held the lantern signal to John Hancock and Samuel Adams: one lantern, the Red Coats are coming by land: two lanterns, they are coming by sea. My precious kiddoes, they haven't tired yet of my endless photo opps! Here's some more shots of the sights around town....

Here's more of my cuties: (Shayna posing her magnetic bears, Twainy and Metsy, outside the church where JFK's mother Rose was baptized.... and my GQ boys. )

We then went over to Fenuel Hall for some dinner, and took off to see more sights by car. Stay tuned! Oh! Need summer reading? try:

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