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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Plymouth for Mama

Alas! We've arrived to the eastern shore!! It's a beautiful day, 70 degrees, sunshine warming our backs... not an ounce of humidity, I might add. If we were Pilgrims arriving today on the Mayflower, we might just settle here!!

This is the Mayflower II- a replica of the original that landed in Plimouth in 1620. The original Mayflower left England and "after 6 and 60 days", arrived here in November. The vessel stayed through the winter, then sailed back to England the following Spring. During her time in port most of the settlers stayed on board, as homes were slowly being built on shore. The ill and the weak were the first to move on land, and only about half of them made it through the harsh winter.

The Mayflower II is a replica built by England, and made the voyage from there years later and is now on display. You can tour the boat and meet some "characters" that will tell you all about life on the vessel.
This gal was kind of reserved, and told us about how the entire boat was covered with beds, with 102 people squeezing in. She said it was a hard trip, especially for the "land dwellers"

This guy was the captain of the ship, and I guess as captains go, a bit more colorful. He answered questions from the crowd: "How did the boat run?" -Well, you see, I'd be up on deck and note we needed to change our course, and I'd yell down below, and they'd do what I say! You see they better do what I say or there'd be a bit of flogging, or some swimming going on... and a bunch of language not suited for your young ears!!

"How old did you have to be to come on board?" Ay.... you think God might have for you to be a sailor, young lad?? Well (looking to his dad) I recommend you stay in school, at least until the 8th grade. Let your father keep teaching you in your manners. Learn enough Latin just to get you by... but arithmetic!! You must be a master of the numbers and their laws to sail aboard a ship....

Alas, we did have a few children who came along and it was a bit controversial as to their procurement. Most were families, Puritans seeking relief from the King... but a few orphans were brought along, apparently to the resistance of their kin back in England... but I! I am not one to have an opinion on such a matter. You see we have all become quite close in our travels, and one might say you lose objectivity in such close quarters.....

Here's the boys checking out the "gunners" quarters. Notice Josiah, still navigating the map!! At least this year he is atually able to read it, instead of ficticious goose chases like last year.. And below is SK, immediately finding the ships journals. I swear that girl can sniff out a book a mile away! These were actually in a compartent under a window, but she found them!

Josiah, "take my picture mom!" Proud of his mixed loyalties in (my) Mets hat and his Red Sox shirt. For more info check out http://pilgrims.net/plymouth/history/mayflower.html- or Shayna recommends:

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