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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mark Twain's House

On the way out of Hartford we decided to honor the readers in our family and visit the house of Mark Twain. He lived here when he was first married, and his publisher was in Hartford. Apparently the guy lived quite comfortably, as this is his main house... and then there is the kitchen and servants quarters. Below is the library.... kinda blurry since its actually a picture of a postcard. We arrived too late for an official tour (of course!)This is the visitor center they have with a museum inside....

We got to see type-set printing presses, ink wells, original works and the chronology of his life. We also learned about his social/political views and the motivation behind his novels. Then we bought a bear and......

Played in his backyard!!!
All that political stuff is great, but ain't nothin like rollin down a great hill of grass!!

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tina said...

great pictures cheryl, now they can say they played at Mark Twains house. Not many kids can say that.(: I was on line last night looking at rental houses on marthas v. I so want to go, and i am looking forward to your visit so i can live my own fantasy through you guys. The beaches are very picturesque, i will definitly want some copies made for my wall. Very diff. looking than our coast, lotsa grass and little fences that look vintage. the water is very blue, it looks so beautiful. remember to look for Carly for me. (: Love you guys. We are looking forward (LOrd willing) to our visit next summer. Start keeping track of the coolest places you have seen over the past two years that you want to take us to. and see againg yourself. talk to ya soon. HUGS