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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Greg

We Align CenterLove You Daddy!!

Today we took Daddy to the Mariners game, and guess what! It was even sunny!! We enjoyed the weather and were only a little disappointed that the M's lost, again. It was to the Nationals and we're about to transform into Nationals fans for the summer anyway!! Happy Fathers Day Greg, you really are an amazing daddy. And let me just thank you now for all the work you will be doing with the kids while I study, study, study. We leave this week! Get ready for lots of blogs soon!!

We got to go down on the field for a "parade" around the field, notice our staged shots of the boys climbing the wall to catch a ball. Shayna decided to catch her book! There was a Komo 4 news guy there who was intrigued by the book and interviewed her, he said "what, is this stuff not exciting enough for you?" And she just giggled and said "no... I never leave home without a book!"

Good Bye Seattle!!!!

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