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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Acadia National Park

We decided to venture out on Park Loop Road in Adadia National Park, not researching too much and just wanting to see what we could find. Our first stop was at "Bubble Pond" where we were, of course, enthralled with the little critters!
We then saw a hiking trail up to "Bubble Rock" and gave it a whirl. It was a fairly hot day and we were expecting to see a brook. (This is when the research would have helped.....)
Bubble Rock on Bubble Mountain.

A good view and worthy hike just the same. We are a little amused, however, that they call these little hills mountains out here!

Next stop was out to the Atlantic Ocean to get more views of the coastline. The rugged coast is probably my (C's) favorite part of Maine so far. The kids love climbing on the rocks and exploring all the little caves.

Thunder Hole is a spot where if the tide is high, you can get all soaking wet from a plume that spurts out between the rocks. We were not there at high tide but we did get a good rumble.

And it gave us a little motivation, we are now determined to climb the highest "mountain" in the park and find a place where the Atlantic will splash and get our toes wet. More soon!! -C

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