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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Garden State


We left Gally on Saturday and cruised up to New Jersey for a few nights rest. We can see why its called the Garden State, there are so many garden stands along the back roads... and they have plants with huge elephant ears and beautiful flowers. And delicious sweet corn!!

There was a huge thunderstorm the next morning, and we actually woke up to "Lake Superior" right outside Winnie. (It was a nightmare, but I'm moving on...) In the afternoon it cleared up and we took off to check out the boardwalk in Atlantic City.Then we went a little further north and enjoyed an afternoon "down the shore." The boys say the water is much colder here than it was in North Carolina.
Even Shayna got in and enjoyed a bit... the doctor said salt water is a-ok, and today she was able do some tiny jumps on the waves.

Here is Jo-Jo with his blessed tooth that won't come out. It is so prominent now we gave it a name.
Meet Buck. We were hoping to lose Buck in Jersey, but he held on ....through New York... we are all the way up to our third "New" state of the day and he's still with us!!

Before we left the shore, the kids made little mini tide pools so they could watch how the clams dig themselves in the sand, and watch some hermit crabs up close. When it was time to go, Shayna decided to leave the pools there for other kids, but with a note:

It said: "Be very nice to them!"

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