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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Ocean State

All right, this is going to be a big blog cuz it was a BIG day for the Kalers. So far we have dubbed it "the best sabbatical day so far!" Was it leaving Jersey? Blazing by New York with all the 8am commuters? The fact that Greg let me get behind the wheel again? Let's see....

Above is my view as Greg was freaking out, driving over the George Washington bridge in New York. Below is his view as I was freaking out, driving over the third highest bridge in America, going into Newport, RI.
Josiah was comforting me but it didn't really help too much when he covered my eyes! (By the way, the first highest bridge is the one we crossed in Michigan. The second highest is in Tampa.)
Newport is an island in Rhode Island... a ritzy little sailing town with lots of old New England money. It is the original "Rhode Island"---now check this out--- did you know that Rhode Island is the smallest state with the biggest name? (I confess, before this trip I wasn't even sure where it was on the map.) The official name of RI is "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations". It goes back to the slave trading days, where apparently they got a lot of this big time money from making rum from molasses, trading it for slaves, and selling the slaves to the West Indies. They are actually lobbying to change the name in Congress right now... check out this recent NY Times article at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/30/us/30rename.html?_r=1&hp

We came here to visit our friend Pat, who is in the Navy and living here for the year going to school. He took us to all the cool spots in Newport!!

JJ: We got to climb big rocks. It was hard because we were all in sandals!

Even Coco and Puffkins got to climb the rocks!! Later they got to put on the Rhode Island sticker.

we got to see this mansion, except it's not called a mansion, because its a summer house so its called a "cottage."

This is the Rosecliff cottage. We got to see the backyard. (Cheryl) Have you seen the movie True Lies? This is where theyhad the ball. There are a whole bunch of cottages in Newport and this one is known for its big fancy ballroom.
( JJ) Here is the view looking out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Coco hanging on to the rail. He can't see the land on the other side, so don't worry, he doesn't want to go in.
Hey!! (Greg) This next section is especially for Duane, and any other tennis fans out there. Newport has the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Here is a view of downtown Newport. When we got off the bridge coming into town, Galdys took us right through the middle of the shopping. It was a tight squeeze on cobble stones, but we made it!!
We ended up our tour with a little shopping and look! (JJ) "I got a license plate with my name on it!!" (Coco likes it too)
(Cheryl and all) We know this day was the best one ever because Pat took the whole afternoon off and showed us around. It was nice to see a friendly face, a beautiful place, and also the dogs!!! Pat also gave us all the insider information and cool facts that we never would have known otherwise!

Thanks Pat!! Val and kids, we missed ya!!!


tina said...

looks like my kind of town. i wish i was there.....(:

tina said...

my idea of a cottage is much different than that.....

Funktified said...

Thanks for the awesome afternoon Kalers! It was great to get to see you all, and you truly did your homework to check out my tour "facts" Hope to see you again before we leave the Northeast!