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Galatians 5:1

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We made it to Maine!! We are officially in unchartered territory for the Kalers... never been this far north. I guess its all new territory from here on out. It's a little wierd really.....

Fortunately for us, when we pulled in to Maine it was a gray, drizzley day, and with all the green trees lining the highways it felt just like Washington. It was almost twilight zone just like Washington, actually. That plus me (Cheryl) starting work the next day... it was all feeling rather routine.
Until we pulled into the RV park and saw the Red Sox Nation flags everywhere, we knew we are far from home!!

We are parked about a half mile from the beach; and are planning lots of little getaways to explore the coast. First stop, O.O.B. -C


Jarren and Erin said...

Ooh fun! Are you going to go to Acadia N.P.? Awesome viewpoints and great camping!

Sabbatical, Phase 3- on the road! said...

Yes!! we are actually up there now, you are right, amazing views. will post pics soon. wow u been around, eh?? Hope all is well