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Monday, August 31, 2009

Prince Edward Island

There is both a bridge and ferry service that can take you on to PEI. Both are free going on to the island, you pay only "if you decide to leave".

Josiah is showing you his new friend "Little James", and you can see here Shayna has had her second injury of our trip (she is quite proud, actually....) she fell while she was rollerblading and sprained her fingers.
The island is full of rolling hills, farmland, and little inlets of water everywhere. There is a distinct Scottish/Irish feel to the place. Lots of potatos growing!

We got a little sidetracked on the way to our campsite, but Greg was gracious to let me photo-opp. All right, we were lost.

But look! We accidentally passed by the birth home of Lucy Maud Montgomery... we must be getting close! Later we learned the author was orphaned at 21 months and went to live with her maternal grandparents, the MacNeils. They lived over in Cavendish which is where we are headed, so more on that soon!!

(We thought we found the lake of shining waters.... )

Allright, it was dark when we got there but we did make it. "Hopelessy lost, but making good time...." (It's our license plate frame we put on Winnie from Uncle Aaron's car). Green Gables here we come!!

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