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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Maine. It is on Mount Desert island, in a clump of islands that is very similar to the San Juans out West. We arrived to this view right from our campsite.

The kids immediately went about finding their little critters. We have gotten into a habit of collecting some "sea lab" pets at each campsite and then dumping them (excuse me, I mean carefully putting them back where they belong) before we go. It is good science and also helping them not miss the kitties so much.

The town of Bar Harbor (aka "Bah Hahbah") is super cute, full of places to get fresh "lobstah", take a whale watch cruise, or hike out to one of the porcupine islands at low tide. This is looking out into "Frenchman's Bay".

We splurged and had lunch at "Geddy's" (below), which was decorated with license plates all over the walls as well as some interesting animal parts. The kids loved the license plates... closest plate to home was Oregon.
Bar Harbor is right next to Acadia National Park... where we spent the bulk of our time and will show you next!!!

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Liz said...

I spent time last week in Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor - and still didn't see all there is to see on Mount Desert Island!

Although I was traveling alone, doing research for my website, I can imagine how great of a place it must be for kids.

I hope you had a chance to catch sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain - it is spectacular!