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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quake Ooze

This is the view from our campsite at low tide.

We tried to walk across to the island.

(Shayna) When we stepped in the gluey mud it came up to our ankles and it felt like there were either rocks or clams that were pinching my feet.

About half way across, Josiah decided he didn't want to go on. (Josiah) I just wanted to go back cuz I was getting goopy and I didn't like it! But Shayna went out there!

(Shayna) After Josiah chickened out, I decided I was going all the way to the island!! BUT THEN, I noticed that the gray mud wasnt just textured, it was tiny worms all worming around on top of each other, completely covering the mud. At that point, I turned back.
Angie Sage has to get her ideas from somewhere. We're pretty sure this mud is where she got the idea of "quake ooze" in the Septimus Heap series! ~Read it!!~ Shayna
This is me after the quake ooze, if you look close you can see my tongue pushing my tooth. My tooth fell out the very next day!! -Josiah

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