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Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodbye Gally....

That is me, I took that picture on my own. My front tooth (on the left I think?) is loose. I think its gonna come out when we're in Maine.
Look how much they've grown!! They look like mini duckies. We got to feed them, watch my video at the end!

That's Mommy studying, almost out of Gallaudet (like one more day).

There goes Mommy to take her test!! I think she's gonna do great and get a A plus!!

This is my first video ever, thanks to Shayna, she taught me how to do the videos. Now I want to take a video of everything!!

On Saturday we were leaving Gallaudet and we saw the ducklings walking across the parking lot! They were taking a field trip! Me and mom think they were coming out to say goodbye to the Kalers!

Bye Bye Gallaudet!!

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