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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hew Hampshire

We left Rhode Island, drove all the way through Massachusetts and camped the night up in New Hampshire. It was dark when we got there, and the road to the campground was one of those bumpy dirt roads lined by trees... Josiah said "this is creepy" and Greg said "are you sure we're on the right road?" Luckily they left our key card out for us, but then we had a heck of a time trying to find our site. No lights anywhere! We met this very sweet woman who flagged us in with her flashlight, encouraging us as it's "so haaaad in the daaaaaak" (you know they don't say their "r"s up here) . When we stepped out of Winnie we were blessed with a beautiful night sky of stars and the smell of pine trees. I felt revived, encouraged, and a good little reminder that the Lord is always with us.

The next morning, the kids meandered out and found a pond. This would be our next great sabbatical moment: there was no mini-golf, no fancy water slides... just some good old fashioned tadpoles. They played for hours, made friends with some frogs, decided our first science unit will be on pollywogs....

The camera took the day off so you'll just have to imagine it with us. And I'll leave you with some favorite road trip quotes so far:

"No, I don't want to go. I've had enough rain in my life, I don't need any more!" -Josiah, age 7

"Wait a minute.... what state are we in?" -JJ, age 9

"OH, that was another one of those un-bloggable moments!" -Shayna, age 11

Goodnight friends, we'll see you in Maine. -Cheryl


Tania said...

Love the 'accent'. I've never been there but I can totally imagine that. I also love Shayna's comment. Made me chuckle a little here in my cube. :) Sounds like you all are moving right along and I love tagging along.

Alexis said...

sounds like u peoples r having lots o fun!!! i like the quotes!...did the camera have a nice day off!
its always nice to make friends with tadpoles, did you catch any in you hand? i once did i cupped water in my hand and it swam around in it- it tickled!!! :)