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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Old Orchard Beach, ME

Maine is officially the Pine Tree state, but on license plates it says "Vacationland." So we shouldn't be surprised that when we went to our backyard beach, 10,000 of our closest neighbors were there with us. Several French speaking tourists, and thousands more escaping the stifling heat of the south. How was I to know??!!

The first day we went it was a little chilly, so Shayna and I left the beach and went and got some famous Pier fries.
Now the weather has cleared up a bit- its very pleasant. Everyone here says its super hot but after DC is feels cool. We are about 85 with sunshine. I'm off to work for a few days.... Lucky for Greg, there is a trolley that can take the kids down to the beach right from our park.
So they are basically living there while I am happily in my cubicle. He keeps sending me videos from his phone. I think they are really suffering.

They're saying "Ta-da!!.. look mom! We got a skim board!!"

(feel my pain)


tina said...

is the water warm? Did you hear there was a great white shark siting off the newport oregon beach? I guess the water has been unusually warm...i cant believe we hav not been to the beach yet this summer...im cravin it.

Sabbatical, Phase 3- on the road! said...

water is kinda cool, but not freezing. refreshing. better than washington. Hadn't heard about the shark in Oregon! crazy!! they had rain here for six weeks before we got here, I think everybody's weather has been weird. u better get to the beach though!! wish u were here!