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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Off the Map"

Last week when we were driving to Bar Harbor we had this funny feeling like we were getting far, far away from the world as we know it. We kinda had the feeling that we were going to the end of the world! Of course this is silly and it made us realize how ethno-centric, western and citified we are.

Well, imagine how we felt driving off the edge of Maine!! I mean, that is the end of the map as we know it, right? Maybe there's some gray mass of Canada?? You never realize how ingrained some ethnocenticity is, I mean we crossed the border and were surprised to have so much road under our wheels. So we are now happy to say, the Kalers now know what lies beyond that American line. It's called New Brunswick!!

New Brunswick is a bilingual province, all the signs are in both French and English. Gladys was no help to us, as she had no road information for Canada. That plus everything up here is in kilometers, we were discombooberated for the whole first day!!

It definately felt like we were leaving our comfort zone.... but it was also a relief to be expanding our horizons. We drove away from the sunset and are heading to our first night's camp just outside Frederickson. Nite Nite!!


Alexis said...

were u really aloud to go 110 mph. on that road!!!?

Cheryl said...

See why we were so confused? They do everything in Kilometers up here, not miles. If you look on the inside circle of the spedometer on your car, you'll see KM/H. Maybe you can tell us what 110 km/hour translates to for us Americans, so we don't get a ticket!!! (Miss you Alexis!!)