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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kennebunkport, ME

First of all, Maine has all kinds of four syllable towns and rivers, Kennebunkport is a good example. This beach is about 10 miles south of OOB, and we took one morning to go check it out. Shayna was quite embarrassed about her shirtless brother....
(who thinks we should buy a house here, by the way....) We first stopped to visit a stone church built right on the water. It is an Episcopal church built in 1886.

It is mainly for summer residents, and is built from rocks found right on the shore. The original Reverand commented "It Springs out of the rock upon the shore and seems everlasting like the Rock itself. A stone church gives confidence to a congregation...."

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving, enter his courts with praise...."


Next we went down the street to see President Bush's summer house.

We didn't care too much about the house, we were much more into the cliffs and climbing on the rocks.

We ended up the trip with some serious shell collection down at the beach, met a wonderful family from West Hartford, and called it a day. We are loving Maine (but doubt we'll buy a house, ha). Ciao!!

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Adam said...

Old school curches are the best! And you're in a great spot to view them. The architecture on the East Coast is so much different than here on the west. Enjoy it!