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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hurricane Watch

We came back to camp to find Hurricane warning signs all over the RV park. We had heard about a storm coming in on Friday, but had no idea it was Hurricane Bill off shore! The signs around the RV Park said "No Buildings in Campsite are Hurricane shelters" and we started seriously watching the news.

(JJ) We went out to the beach one day to look at the waves, and apparently there were some people who were out in the water and they were drifting closer and closer to the pier. The waves were big, and on one wave they went crashing into the pier. They were holding on to the pilings (Shayna insert: just like Anne was!!) and the lifeguards went out and saved them.

(Greg) The waves were radical and it made me wish I had a surf board so I could get out and cut up some waves!

(Josiah) The waves were about as tall as Winnie!!!

(Cheryl) We ended up getting a lot of rain and just my luck, one of the days was when I was at work without the car. I got completely soaked during my little half hour sprint for lunch. Overall, it was kinda fun experiencing the whole crazy weather pattern...

Later that weekend we moved south a bit to a place called Moody Beach. The waves were still bigger than normal, but safe. The first day Greg was being careful and just went down to watch the waves. The kids ended up being a bit like the birds....

Now we are gearing up to leave Red Sox nation for awhile and venture up into Canada. Do you know, they even have Red Sox ice cream up here? Its wild.

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