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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting our Feet Wet

We spent our last day out on Mount Desert Island over on the "quiet side"- seeing more of Acadia National park. We still hadn't seen a splash from Thunder Hole, but we found this other spot where we could walk out to the water and it was much less touristy. We decided to be patient and wait for a wave to come up and splash our feet.

The color variation in the rocks is very beautiful. These rock formations are the results of glaciers moving in the Ice Age, carving though the land and smoothing over the tops of the hills to give the mountains a rounded appearance.

We did eventually get a little wave crash that splashed our toes. It was so minor yet so exciting, I think great little thrills are all around us if you can wait for them! Two days after we left Bar Harbor, Hurricane Bill sent plummeting waves to these very shores and took the life of a seven year old girl. She was out on the rocks at Thunder Hole, probably the exact spot where we were climbing yesterday. http://www.makli.com/thunder-hole-acadia-national-park-005726/

I can't imagine the family's devestation, and the Kalers are ever more reminded to be safe, and appreciate the little thrills.
Later that day we hiked around to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse: http://www.lighthouse.cc/bassharbor/ Again you could climb out on the rocks and get a veiw of more islands off the shore. We enjoyed watching some guy out there fishing, the contrast of wild flowers and the rocky shore, and finally found a perfect spot to really sink our toes in!!

It was coo-ooo-ooold good!!

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