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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ahhhhhhhh, catch up

Hello friends, Happy Saturday. Today we are having a relaxing "stay at home" day... Its our last weekend in DC and we want to try to go up the Washington Monument tmw, but today, we are choosing to chill. Last night we all went out to Mexican food with the class, took the metro and all... it was a blast. It's a totally different thing, taking the metro... we haven't done it much since we have the van, but I love it. It makes you connect with the community in a totally different way. When we were coming back last night, we were practically the only group on it, and the kids were using the handrails as monkey bars. It may sound like bad parenting, but after the kids experienced the New York metro (where it was so incredibly crowded you could hardly breathe... and more people just kept coming in...), you're kinda like- why not? There aren't really any rules on the metro. I'll upload the pics later and you'll see what I mean. (a classmate has them now)

Meanwhile, I would like to take this moment of rest to thank all of you who have made our time here amazing in some sort of way... by reading and staying in touch, by praying, by doing a myriad of things, by helping shape us into who we are. It is impossible to blog everything, you know, but here are a few more odds and ends moments that mean the world. Hugs!!

RJ's favorite park has also become one of ours!

Our new friend Jim (from Boston), and the sweet baseball connection he's made with ALL the men of our family.

Thanks for the package, Caversons!! The cookies were yummy too and Piper, Shayna loved the drawing! It was as good as Christmas!

To my kids, who have made the most of every moment out here and bless me beyond belief.

Here is my class!! We' laugh, we cry, we stretch and we grow... I love 'em all and can't wait for three more summers!! Now, it's JJ's turn!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe this is your last weekend in DC! I've really enjoyed your blog. It's been fun to follow your adventures and I've enjoyed learning more American history too! You are in my prayers for a safe journey home. Can't wait to see you all back here. JoLisa