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Saturday, July 14, 2007

National Museum of the American Indian

S had heard about beading at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)we just had to go (it's the building in the background). I took the pic with the boys on thursday knowing me and S were going on Friday.

S in the lobby of the NMAI. They had a very cool...err...NICE... display of canoes in the entrance.

We found this Statue back in a corner. It depicted how some american indians aided colonists during the revolutionary war by teaching them about corn, beans and other native foods.

The view of the lobby from the 4th floor.

We learned more about how the white mans presence meant death to the American Indians. This plaque found in one of the displays sadly points out that 9 out of 10 Native Americans lost their lives in the early years of the white man in North America.

One of the most amazing displays depicted womens dress in different regions and for different events. They were absolutley beautiful! S was getting pretty tired by this point and we still had not found the beads. I knew I was in big trouble if we didn't find the beads.

As you can see, I was spared the wrath of S! She learned a "gourd stitch" or "payote stitch". Fortunatley I was not in a hurry because S settled in and made a beautiful bracelet. You can see the beautiful bracelet she made and the little present left on our windshield when we got back to the van.

Despite the overefficient meter people (and the $25 ticket) we had a great time and now we have the task of finding a craft store here in DC. I have a feeling the women in this family will be able to sniff one out soon enough!

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