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Monday, July 9, 2007

Williamsburg, history

Brisitish Rule...

So I know you all aren't able to just jump over here to Williamsburg like I suggested, so we'll take you along with us. First: a little history. The town was the colonial capital back before America was established as a free country, so they were under England's rule. The first thing we noticed was a different flag!

They have preserved and restored the town in its original state back in the year of 1775. The townspeople (employees) are all in character and dress and can tell you all about what they do, who they know, and why they came to the colony. In the year 1775 the colonies were trying to figure out what to do with the taxes they weren't too happy about, and the lack of representation in the British government. They had been governing themselves on local issues as a colony since 1608 so they were quite comfortable with the idea of self-governing. Virginia's noblemen were trying to figure out if they should support those rabble-rousers in Boston, who had dumped all that English tea in the ocean. The were starting to realize that the letter writing process of communication was too slow on horse and buggy, and they decided to all meet for the first time and form the Continental congress.

The other cool thing about this town is that as you go through and tour, some of the sites have you assume a character. Twice Greg got selected to be the guy who ended up being the first president of the Continental Congress- a guy named Payton Randolph. This is Randoph's buggy

And now I am back off to class so you can here from Payton himself!!