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Galatians 5:1

Monday, July 9, 2007

Virginia Beach

All right, since most of you have vicariously travelled across the country with us, I know you can appreciate this next moment. Imagine all that land we covered, all the people and places we've seen... all the time in our car... all the HEAT on the east coast. Imagine one more drive on a Sunday morning leaving Williamsburg...driving off to finally go see the Atlantic Ocean! We are overwhelmed with the amazing experiences, but at the same time, feeling a little disconnected with our own people and desperately needing to be still and WORSHIP. It feels like forever since we've been in church! And today is Sunday!!

I mentioned to Greg we might just stop at any ol' church and join them, but we were destined for the cool waters of Virginia beach and he suggested we just have a family time when we get there. All right... I guess....

So not really knowing where we are going, we just follow the signs to the beach. We notice the buildings dropping off the horizon as we near the ocean... and we're thinking Huzzah! (it's a colonial term) We have finally made it! And look... what are all those people doing with their lawn chairs? Its looks like... some kind of concert. Cool! Hey Greg, drop me off, I wanna check it out!!

And you know what it was??!! You've probably guessed. IT WAS CHURCH!!

Right there in our bathing suits and all! It couldn't have been more perfect, praising God with the people of this city... who have left the comfort of thier air conditioned building to be available for die hard tourists like us. "From the mountains..... to the valleys.... let our voices, rise to YOU!"

Thank you Lord....