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Monday, July 2, 2007

Go Yankees

Go Yankees...... (sorry Greg...)
(this post is a test, we'll see how long it stays on here )

When in Rome, right? !! Much to Greg's direct and powerful resistance.... all the kids have become Yankee fans since our time on the East Coast. Could be wisdom in blending, baseball is baseball, time difference on the radio.... could be three for ten deals after the game, could be exercising our independence against the patriarch Mariner fan.
Whatever it is, four of us have Yankee hats and one of us is crying.

(but we all just really love baseball!!))

1 comment:

tina said...

my stomach is WRETCHING at the sight of those hats. you coulda atleast picked the "other" new york team, it would not have been so painful. greg iam so sorry, keep that mariner hat covered head heald HIGH !!!!! i am really dissapointed...... and saddened, the whole christenson clan is a little concerned. i hope you will repent soon and asked the lord forgiveness. :) I STILL LOVE YOU TINA.