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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Independence day at the Capital

Here we are, at the nation's capital celebrating Independence day!! It has cooled off this week so it was quite pleasant walking around the capitol and enjoying the parade. The parade was cool... lots of big bands (making me think of my dad), lots of ethnic groups, a good representation of our diverse country. The most memorable group for me (C) was a large group from Vietnam... they carried a big sign saying "We love our freedom, Thank you America!" and they did a cultural dance to the song "and I'd gladly stand up- next to you, and defend you to this day.... "

I've heard that song a bunch of times, and its touching... but to hear it from this group, carrying the banner they did... gave it a much different spin. The historical context and significance of the whole event goes beyond my literary ability at the moment.

After the parade, we went over to see where the Declaration of Independence is kept, and got a free sampler little copy. Then right behind the Archives, they were doing a naval ceremony at 2:00 pm, where all the active naval ships around the country ring thier bells 13 times. Kids from different states came up to ring the bell for each of the first 13 states, in the order of succession. Then afterward they introduced a WWII veteran, and I have to go to class so I'll let Greg tell you about that!!

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