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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Mariners in Toronto!

Mariner's in Toronto?? 9-12 hour drive from DC just to see the team?? Is it worth it?? You bet it is! Hmmm... isn't Niagara Falls somewhere around there? U Bet. Me and SK will do the Toronto/Mariners trip. I'll let the boss do the Niagara stuff.

The CN tower in Toronto. The "Canadian National" tower for those of you who were wondering!

The Toronto BlueJays play at the Rogers Centre. The kids kept saying that it was a shame that they spelled it the wrong way! It was is a beautiful stadium.

See those small squares outlined in white on either side of the big screen?? Those are actually hotel rooms. We thought about staying there but Yogi Bear called us and wanted us to stay at Yellowstone. Check out our camping pix later. By the way, the room pictured here would have only cost us $699 Canadian.

Not only were we were expecting great things, I think the Blue Jays people were too. They had a whole Ichiro video presentation before the game.

We were 5 of only about 10 Mariners fans so we were hoping to meet some playes. Our hopes came true!

A group of Mariner pitchers came out to warm up and we got to meet a few of them. JJ Putz was coming in from his warm up throwing and tossed our JJ his ball! What a thrill. JJ caught it too. Then JJ started signing. Our JJ told him that he goes by JJ too and Putz liked that.

JJ was great and signed the kids batting practice balls and hats!

Miguel Bautista signed too and was cracking jokes and laughing and having a great time. Too bad we couldn't understand a thing he was saying since he was speaking Spanish!

Raffe Chaves and Felix Hernandez played catch for awhile also. Pretty much the whole pitching staff was out there at one time or another. It was very cool to see them up close but Shayna made the comment... "They just look like regular people." What a teachable moment. Yes, they are big stars but in the grander scheme, they are just people like us.

Oh yeah, there was a game too... You'll have to wait for that though. We have to eat!

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