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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Halfway update!!

This week we celebrate being half way through... and also crunch time on first round of finals, so we are staying local. (momma gotta study!) But first, and update on the kids!
The boys have enjoyed kids camp- they love swimming twice a day and Friday they got to go horseback riding. Jo's signing has jumped about 50 levels-- he often plays "being deaf" and I'm amazed at how clearly I can understand him after only three weeks. JJ has been across the blue pool 225 times, and still counting. They got thier camp t-shirts and now think they "can be staff".
We all checked out the DC zoo yesterday, where we fell instantly in love with the pandas (no pics, I forgot the cam) and watched the family of river otters line up for lunch. We went with my classmate Lisa
and together enjoyed the metro (no parking tickets for us!) Here's a wild thing on the metro... on a couple sections they have posted up large still shots along the side of the tunnel so that when you zoom by them it looks like a movie playing. It was kinda surreal (sp?). I felt like I was in the middle of the Matrix!

This week the kids and I got a little homesick.... and their approach to that is to set up "campout kids club" in the middle of our dorm living room area. It looks like our own little "tent city"-- a very familiar sight here at Gally, though we have no protests of our own. All the dorm RA's are ok with it, wondering why they never thought of that....

As for me, I am a little weary of the studies, although I still love the content and the goal... I welcome any distractions (thus, here I am.) I recognize the sanity in our weekend adventures!! Looking forward to having projects over with and taking off to Canada on Thursday. Oh! I forgot to tell you about church!!

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