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Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to Canada

I shouldn't tell you about the last assignment I had to turn in... it was so long I'd rather block it out. Let's just say it was even longer than the laptop battery, and you know the one thing we forgot to pack on this weekend trip was the charger... and it was even longer than the two computer reservation times I had to finagle at the Niagara Falls library.. longer than SK reading a book at my feet and long enough to keep us this side of the border til noon. Fortuneately, me and the thumb drive have become close friends and at last!! We are done and heading over the border!!

We camped at Jellystone- definately the way to go, as Niagara is a little like Vegas.

The falls are right at the Canadian American border.. with part on the American side and part on the Canadian. (We're so good at sharing). We opted out of all the tourist "ride through the mist" boatrides, as the view from the land was incredible enough for us firstimers.

The falls create a mist so thick if the sun is right, there's always a rainbow. Thats the first thing we all noticed.

We went back at night to catch the fireworks. It was an amazing trip!!

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