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Monday, July 9, 2007

Payton Randolph

Please read "British Rule" before you read more about me.

Although some consider me heavy (including my cousin Thomas Jefferson), I feel I have accomplished a great deal for our Colonies. I am a Patriot and feel that the time is right for us to pull away from the King. We have developed a list of grievances that we shall share, but know they will fall on unhearing ears.
My fellow Virginians elected me to represent them at the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia and as it turns out, I was elected to be President of that Congress (1774) and again in 1775. Although my friend John Hancock is replacing me at the 1776 Continental Congress I still look forward to attending. We shall make some very important decisions there.

I live in Williamsburg where I earned my Law Degree from the College of William and Mary. I trained more in London and upon my return became the leader of the House of Burgess's in my town. My home was willed to me by my father who passed away when I was a young man.

I have three Plantations throughout the South in addition to my home in Williamsburg(at right). My buggy driver, Jimmy considers me a good master. He enjoys working for me although I know he would like to be with his family more as he is often driving me to Philadelphia or some other such place. Jimmy is one of 300 slaves I own and they must consider me a good owner as only a small handful of them left when when offered freedom by the King of England. But of course The King intended any freed slaves to join the British Army to fight against us Rebels. One of my slaves named johnny did escape to freedom with out joining the Brits.

Above is my church where I have a place of honor in "the cross" for me and my family. I sit near my my cousin Thomas Jefferson and my friend George Washington. Each of us has a box set aside for only our family. Speaking of George, some referred to him as "Father of our Country", I would like you to know that the designation was first given to me for my part in preparing our colonies for the revolution.

Our dear King does not appreciate our work here in our chambers. When the Governor of Virginia (appointed by the King) brought us to the room pictured on the right and dismissed us from the capital building, we took our work to the Tavern (below). Despite the noise from the people and musicians we were able to get some significant work done.

(Editors note: An unfortunate note regarding Payton Randolph... He died of a stroke only two months prior to the signing of the "Declaration of Independence". He was as much responsible for the document as anyone and yet, you will not find his "John Hancock" on the document.

For more information check out this link: http://www.history.org/history/