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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Adventures with Dad

While Cheryl is slaving away at school me and the kids get to go on little adventures. The first adventure for the Kaler advance scouting team (me and S) was to the Lincoln Memorial. S loved it and was a great subject (too bad the picture taker is all thumbs!)

Now you gotta admit that this is a pretty cool pic?? Look... No Thumb!
On Tuesday's and Thursday's I have all three of the Kaler Cherubs. Our first adventure was to the WA. Monument and the Lincoln Memorial (on S's advice).

Hot and no tickets to go up inside the Monument! Not a great start but the kids were troopers!

Oooooppps! Sorry. Rookie behind the phone! This is a fairly new monument inbetween the Wa. Monument and the Lincoln Mem. Pretty cool. The kids wanted to swim in spite of the signs saying otherwise. Secretly I wanted to also!

Cooling off in preperation for the assault on the Lincoln Memorial. I think the kids liked this better than anthing else this day.

I guess I didn't get the memo that you were only supposed to wear a green shirt inside the Monument. Sorry Kids!

JJ wanted to read the whole blurb from Lincoln's Inauguration speech (but dad didn't let him...why, I don't remember). He wasn't too sure what he was reading but wanted to read it all! He did read all of the excerpt from the Gettysburg Address. Bless his heart.

Contemplating what they had just seen and read! OK, feeling like fried chicken. We talked about how just 10 steps below us, Martin Luther King Jr. Delivered the famous "I have a dream speech" in August of 1963. There is actually a carving on one of the stones saying that he stood there during the speech.

For more information on Dr. King's speech check out this site...


"This statue in the ground was super HOT! We got to climb in the mouth. I stepped on his eye and stuck my foot in his nose! It was fun but we couldn't stay for very long cuz it was sooooo hot outside. I needed water, badly!!" -S and J

Haynes Point... just across the Potomac from Reagan National. The statue is called:


The Air and space museum with JJ's friend from Seattle. They were out here visiting some relatives. Good to see them. Pretty cool place but there is so much to see that it gets pretty overwhelming.

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