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Monday, July 23, 2007

Camping with Yogi

Heyy Boo Boo! Who is that there in that picinick basket??

We know someone you dont know, Yogi, Yogi... We know someone you don't know...Yogi Yogi Bear!

They all live in Jellystone, Jelly, Jelly, we all camped in Jellystone, Jelly Jellly stone!

So it was more like metropolitan camping but it was camping..(right off the freeway) and the temperature was just like good ol' Seattle at a cozy 65-70!! That and finals being over meant relaxing like we hadn't yet all summer!! We had a nice celebration of family time, found our little bug on the prairie in the pool (see the improved signing?!) and as a bonus, we got to listen to the above Yogi bear song.... a lot. I guess these Jellystone camp grounds are all over the east coast but we don't have many in the northwest. Our observant SK had the following comment: "mom- you know where we go camping at home, with the trees, and the lakes and stuff? It's kinda... better."

But for now, Yogi will do!! You couldn't beat the location!! -C

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