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Thursday, July 5, 2007


As C said, we were blessed with the honor of meeting Lorenzo DuFau a WWII veteran who sailed on the USS Mason, the first predominately black sailing vessel. He was humble, gracious and engaging. His story and the story of his mates will be told in the upcoming movie "Proud".

Here are some of DuFau's comments from the premier of the movie held on the current USS Mason: “We were a part of American history,” said Lorenzo DuFau, a retired signalman from the World War II ship. “I hope someday to see our history taught in public schools. Rather than being taught one month a year, let it be a part of American history.” ...“It’s amazing to see the advances that have been made," said DuFau, speaking about the current Mason and its Sailors. “We had hoped to make a dream come true about one nation under God--that was our dream. Now it’s up to you young people. You’ve got to carry that ball, and I wish you the best of luck.”

I'm not sure of the date for a public premier but if you want to learn more you can try this link:

What an honor and what a way to cap off the daytime portion of our 4th of July Celebration!

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