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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a ride!!

Hello all!! well, it's been such a ride out here for us we are starting to forget what Seattle looks like.... SK is starting to wonder how she left her room, and is also wondering about school in the fall. We must be getting close. I'm in the two week portion of the "cultural diversity" part of my program, and it is a challenging, soul searching redeeming and freeing kind of thing. Its not so much academic as it is total honesty and willing to grow, and already I am feeling the emotional toll of it (though it is good.)
My professor commented on my eternal vocabulary assignment and said "I noticed it started to get rather brief towards the end" So I went ahead and told him the story of me finishing it on the way to Niagara Falls, the laptop battery, etc... He laughed and said "man you guys are all over the place!"
Speaking of rides, we had another cool one driving back this weekend. We did this diagonal route across upstate New York and through Pennsylvania, kind of a back road route the whole way for lack of a north/south interstate. It made for interesting driving, going thru tons of little towns... One time we pulled off the road and almost ran into an oncoming horse and buggy, with two riders in full Amish gear. I didn't know Amish people would get so mad so easily, I mean it was dark and they didn't have any headlights. Honestly, I was very intrigued and would love to spend more time out here, and learn a little more from the Amish people. It's on the list for next year.
So on the way back we encountered a few very cool things. One of them is the Home of the Little League World Series... in Williamsport, PA. Something for the boys to dream about, for sure! (Lisa I thought for awhile this is where Anthony played, but that was in Cooperstown.) Very inspirational spot!

As we were leaving Jo kinda had an accident right there in the stands, so even if we don't make it there for baseball, at least we already left a mark!

Another fun little diversion was earlier in the drive at Corning, NY. We saw a fountain and just had to go for it.

I love catching those moments of reckless abandon. Wish I had more of them. It's doing the DC rain thing again this afternoon and I think the kids are out there again... we certainly have hung on to our love of water!! Til soon! Hugs -C
P.S. Isn't Shayna getting tall?!

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