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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zoo Adventures

Were going to the Zoo! And I've got the camera.

The first thing we saw was a Sting Ray,actually,the first thingS we saw were Sting RayS (there were about THIRTY of them!)

The next thing we saw was a HUGE tank,with HUGE fish.They were much bigger than me and some were even bigger than Daddy!

Thats the best picture I got of the playfull seals!(we think they're seals)

We saw all these people looking up so were were like?? What?? Then we saw the oranatangs way up in the air swinging on these big ropes tied to poles. There were two of them.

There was a waterfall and there were turtles in the water below. Turtles are daddys favorite!


My Favorite! The Panda's. We had to walk all the way across the zoo to get to them. Thank goodness it was all downhill on the way back. We had to hurry so we didn't get a ticket...

All around the zoo there were these mister things that made it look like your hair was silver and cooled you off.


Kalers said...

Great blog Shayna! Excellent pictures!So glad to see all the fun you are having whileI'm workin' away! -Mom

Vern was here said...

Who's the goofball?