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Monday, July 30, 2007

Kids Camp

As many of you know know. The boys attended a camp on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the first 5 weeks we were here. Last Friday they had a big show to culminate everything they had been doing. The preformed a dance and signed a song. The camp includes a huge range of kids both hearing and deaf. Almost all the counselors were deaf so the boys really grew in their signing skills.

Here is cheesball Jo before his big Pajama performance. He was great and smiled through the whole thing. Very cute. Unfortunatley I videoed the dance and have not been able to figure out how to upload it to this site yet. Check back soon.

Here is JJ prior to his performance of the Michael Jackson song "Thriller". He did great and the dance was very fun to watch.

The rest of these pics are of the older groups performances. The girl in the Pink hat and shirt was the dance teacher. She was only 15 but she was great and the kids had a blast and did a great job with the performances. It was amazing how much she was able to get them to do.

Each day the boys had sign language class, swimming twice, gametime, dance and discovery. Discovery was different each day. One day they painted rocks another they learned about butterflies and one day they made bird feeders. Overall, they loved the camp but were very tired at the end of each day. We figure it was so tiring due to the difficulty in try to communicate all day long in sign language.

Time for dinner now. Will try to add more to the blog later tonight. The Mariners have a late game.

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