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Friday, July 13, 2007

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

HI! We hear it is pretty hot in the northwest right now... we're happy to have traded weather for awhile. We have pleasant, sunny, not-humid, 80 degree LOVELY weather in DC, so if you are miserable but you also love us... tolerate it for a few more days, will ya?

In honor of our incredible home city, I would like to dedicate this blog to the faithful ferry riders of the Northwest. Now we love the ferries too but here's an idea. 17.6 mile long BRIDGE to get you there. The Chesapeake Bay Bride is a combination tunnel/bridge (it actually goes under the water, a little freaky for me...(C) and if you are from New York, first of all you are totally used to this, but it also saves you 90 minutes drving time if you are going to Virginia beach. We took it home last weekend... here, come along!

See? You can't even see it. It actually goes up and down through the water, more like riding on the back of the lock ness monster. (It's especially fun to describe in ASL.... go ahead, try it!)

We drove home on the "eastern shore" which really felt like our beloved peninsula, and we decided we'll have to plan a weekend trip out there while we're here. This is the view we had coming west over another bridge into DC. It's the sun about three hours before you see it set on the Olympics. Welcome home! (for now)


Anonymous said...

yay for ferry riders everywhere! i'd love it. i often dream of my own private tunnel from mukilteo to south whidbey. i'd let my friends and family use it; that's all. well, maybe others -- if they paid me a zillion dollars! love you all! danerferryrider

debbiehamman said...

You should try it in the dark - it looks like you're driving off the road right into the Bay!! Very weird!