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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Boys in New York City!

While S and C were at the American Girl store, me and the boys explored Times Square and Central Park. Both amazing "only in NY" experiences.

Believe it or not, this is a slow time at Times Square!

The M&M Store

No Tina, we did not buy any M&M's!

The boys with Derek Jeter at Champs Sports. I guess when you're that good you're entitled to a big head. We thought about buying some new hats but they were WAY too big for us!
Toys R Us!

We were told that we HAD to go here because of this huge ferris wheel. The boys loved it and we got to see the whole store on the ride. We made 8 loops according to JJ.

Below: All Legos. Talk about patience. Wow!

Central Park.
Pretty amazing to go from Times Square to Central Park. What a study in contrasts. Absolutley NO open space to miles of open space. If you didn't know, Central Park is HUGE. 843 Square miles huge. Just some quick stats for you: There are over 26,000 trees and 8968 park benches (it's true... we counted). There are 12 softball/baseball fields, 30 tennis courts and 21 playgrounds. Pretty stinkin cool. The amazing thing is that it that it was established around1850. Imagine the foresight. Wish the founders of Seattle had as much foresight.

Want more Central Park Trivia??

Sorry about your face JJ. Jo is showing a little enthusiasm. This is one of 7 bodies of water in the park. I think it was creatively named "The Lake".

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Lisa said...

Hi Cheryl and Fam. Isn't New York full of life. The ligts alone at night are amazing, makes you feel like you can stay up all night. Have you been to the Hersey chocolate store? UMMM, YUMMY! Last summer my family and I traveled to New York so that Anthony could play baseball in the town where baseball was born, Cooperstown. Also, that's where the baseball hall of fame is. Very cool! The terrane from Manhattan (western part of new york) to Cooperstown (south east) was like two different worlds. It was all hilly and open with farm land all around. New York truely is amazing! Can't wait to hear where you go next. Take care all.